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In this fast-changing environment, a business needs growth and stability for its existence. A businessman pays attention to sales and profitability, but they lag in the collection, which gives birth to many problems.

If the collection process is not efficient, the business can face many operational changes, sometimes which may lead to the winding up. So, to overcome them they require a robust solution that can solve their pain point and at the same time add value to their business.

Hylobiz, a fintech startup with active operations in India, UAE, and Bahrain, has built cutting-edge technology solutions to solve SME’s pain points. It offers easy ERP integration to SMEs at zero set-up cost and comes with a payment gateway integrated into it.

Features that a business should consider before selecting a payment solution:

  • Easy to use – It should allow easy integration with their ERP. It should not be complex.
  • Easily accessible -It should be easily accessible anytime from the web or mobile apps.
  • Fast and efficient – It should update your payments in real-time, which gives you better control over your business.
  • Supports reconciliation – It should offer automatic reconciliation into your ERP.
  • Transparent – There should not be any hidden costs associated with it.
  • Boosts your ROI – The business tool should reduce your operational cost and improve your ROI.
  • Easy to pay – It should offer many payment options, so it is easy for your customer to pay you on time.

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Hylobiz top features, which makes it the best option for small and medium enterprises are:

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  • Easy ERP integration in two clicks at zero set-up cost.
  • No annual, no subscription fee
  • Real-time dashboard
  • Multiple payment options
  • Automatic collection
  • Send automated payment reminders
  • Create an invoice of your own choice
  • Send static payment links
  • Automatic reconciliation into your ERP.
  • Low transactional cost
  • Digital ledger for all your transactions

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With Hylobiz, automate your payments and collection. So, you can use your time to grow your business. It automatically syncs your invoices from your ERP, sends automated payment reminders when payment becomes due.

You can offer multiple payment options to your customer to pay, which expedites your collection, also improves your customer experience.

Create an invoice of your choice, send payment links over different social media channels, or attach it to the invoice. We know quick invoicing helps you to get paid faster, so we have many templates available for you for free.

Our real-time dashboard offers you an edge over your competitors as it helps you with better business decisions regarding future sales and material procurement. Here, you also get access to your business health, expense management, various other business reports that help you gain more control over your business.

We offer a digital ledger for all your transactions, automatic reconciliation directly into your ERP that saves your accountants time.

We believe in cost reduction, so we have built solutions that help you in better inventory management that helps you in optimizing your inventory levels and related cost. With this, you enjoy healthy cash flows in your business as your funds will not get blocked in buying excess inventory levels.

We have partnered with banks to offer you easy and quick business loans at competitive rates to help you in your growth journey. You can avail of bill discounting services on our platform.

We take your security seriously, so we maintain bank-grade security on our platform. All your transaction on our platform is safe and secured with two-factor authentication. Hylobiz is also an ISO-certified organization.

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Hylobiz helps you to manage your business efficiently and improves your customer experience.

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