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With the ever-growing population, managing hygiene and health is incredibly challenging.  
In some parts of our country, even now, the topic of menstruation is considered taboo and young girls do not get access to basic menstrual needs.

23 % of girls drop out of school once they start menstruating because of no sanitation facility.

(Reference: That Time Of The Month- Team Naach)

In rural areas, women still use unhygienic methods to manage their periods. The country needed a solution to this matter. Realizing this need, two IITians devised the idea of Saral Designs, launching its business to make a change in this statistic and focus on creating an ecosystem where women’s sanitation and menstrual needs are satisfied.  

In our business story series, we highlight small businesses and their efforts to serve society while following their objective.

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Saral Design – An Initiative by Two IIT Graduates 

Two friends launch a business to provide menstrual hygiene access to rural areas 

Two IIT graduates, Suhani Mohan and Kartik Mehta wanted to launch a business that has an impact and makes a difference in society and hence came up with the idea of launching Saral Design.

While they researched through the hygiene statistics, they realised the menstrual needs of women in rural areas are not satisfied. With this problem in mind, they worked on building machines with a high-speed compact that can produce sanitary napkins and various other menstrual hygiene products.

Within years of running their business, they provided livelihood opportunities to rural people. They successfully created an environment where menstrual hygiene was accessible to a greater number of people. 

The Swachh Machines by Saral Design

The Swachh Machines by Saral Design

They prioritised the need for menstrual hygiene in the country and understood the need for rural areas to have access to sanitary pads. They launched high-speed compact sanitary pad manufacturing devices.

This reduces the cost of sanitary napkins when the customer receives them. Before Saral was launched, the cost of setting up the machine was high, and the cost of the pad increased by the time it reached the customer.

They have launched India’s first hybrid and automatic machine to make mask filters and period pain patches.  
Saral Designs has created a variety of Swacch machines that can produce a variety of hygiene products such as sanitary pads and more, with varying production capacities – manual, semi-automatic, and high-speed machines. 

Isn’t this amazing?

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Appreciating the Saral Designs Team 

With the idea of improving menstrual hygiene and providing adequate hygiene facilities to the women of India, Suhani and Karthik have come a long way. Now, they have over 70 manufacturing units across the world. 

Saral designs support the production of the accessibility and affordability of sanitary pads, menstrual hygiene and sanitation.  

They believe just handing out free sanitary pads are not enough, and communities need to be educated about menstrual hygiene, appropriate usage of all menstrual products including sanitary napkins, tampons, and menstrual cups and how to dispose of/reuse them and the importance of maintaining intimate hygiene and overall, well-being.  

As hygiene enablers, they assisted their partners in establishing machines in various locations that provide access to hygiene items at a reasonable price at the last mile. 

Dance choreographers Nicole and Sonal from Team Naach collaborated with them to spread awareness about menstrual hygiene. 

We Appreciate the Saral Designs Team for Their Initiative! 

They have had a significant impact on the country by improving cost control, creating employment opportunities and raising consciousness about menstruation hygiene.

Saral Designs encourages young communities to become entrepreneurs by providing opportunities to develop a business with a social purpose. They have been successful with their initiative and the impact they’ve had on society is highly appreciable. 

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