How to Manage Working Capital: Cinderella Story Episode 2

In the fairytale world, Cinderella was a heroine who rose from rags to riches. Her fairy godmother provided her with everything she needed to attend the royal ball, but what if Cinderella needed more than just a dress and a carriage?

What if Cinderella wanted to start something of her own?

What if she needed help manage working capital and finance for her small business?

 That’s where Hylobiz comes in.

Hylobiz provides a comprehensive platform that helps MSME businesses manage their finances and cash flow more efficiently.

Welcome to the second episode of Cinderella: The Achievers, where we share stories of small business owners who have transformed their lives with the help of modern-day magic – Hylobiz.

In this tale, we introduce you to Ayush (not his real name), a young entrepreneur who turned his shoe-making business from a struggling venture into a thriving success.

Once Upon a Time, in a Land Far, Far Away…

Once upon a time, in the world of B2B business, there was a young entrepreneur named Ayush (not his real name, of course). Ayush had a passion for Shoes, and he had always dreamt of starting his own shoe business. He worked hard to make his dream a reality, but he soon found himself struggling to manage his business.

Manage Working Capital The Struggle is Real

Ayush started his business in 2019 and had to juggle multiple tools, accounting systems, bank accounts, manual invoices, collections, reconciliations, and a lot more. He was overwhelmed with mental and physical stress due to a longer cash conversion cycle, a shortage of funds, poor time management, costly manual errors, and disputes. He tried to access working capital loans to improve cash flow, but He failed. 

 It was difficult to tackle cut-throat competition in the red ocean of the fashion market.

Ayush Found the Key to Manage Working Capital

One day, Ayush stumbled upon an article about Hylobiz, a fintech solution that promised to simplify the financial operations of businesses like his. Intrigued, Ayush decided to give it a try. 

He quickly discovered that this solution was what he was looking for. With its powerful tools and easy-to-use platform, he was able to digitize his invoices, automate collections, and reconcile accounts in real time. He no longer had to spend long hours at the office and was able to focus on growing his business. The solution was like a dream come true for Ayush.

The Magic of Automation 

Hylobiz’s platform was like magic to Ayush. It automated many of his financial processes, saving him time and money.  He no longer had to worry about manually sending out invoices, reconciling payments, or chasing down late payments.

Here’s How Hylobiz Supported Ayush with His Business Around

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  1. Improving Cash Flow: Hylobiz helped Ayush improve his cash flow by streamlining his invoicing and payment processes. With their invoicing and payment tracking system, Ayush was able to receive payments faster and manage working capital efficiently. 
  1. Reducing Overdue Payments: With Hylobiz’s automated payment reminders, Ayush was able to reduce overdue payments from her customers. This allowed him to focus on running his business instead of chasing down payments. 
  1. Increased Efficiency: Hylobiz’s easy-to-use platform helped Ayush save time and resources. He no longer had to spend hours manually reconciling accounts or creating invoices. This allowed him to focus on growing his business.
  2. Easy Access to working capital loans: Hylobiz offers a comprehensive dashboard that helps businesses track their invoices, receivables, and payables in real time. This helped Ayush maintain an accurate financial profile, which is crucial when applying for loans. By showcasing a strong payment history and financial stability, Ayush improved his chances of getting access to loans.

Additionally, Hylobiz’s platform provided Ayush with real-time insights into his financial operations. He was able to track his invoices and payments, reconcile accounts, and generate financial reports with just a few clicks. This level of transparency and control helped Ayush make more informed decisions about his business, such as which suppliers to work with, which products to focus on, and how to manage working capital.  

Furthermore, Hylobiz’s automated payment reminders helped Ayush reduce overdue payments from his customers, which is a common problem for small businesses. By sending gentle reminders to his customers before payments were due, Ayush was able to maintain positive relationships with them while also ensuring that he received timely payments. 

 All of these technical features and capabilities of Hylobiz helped Ayush manage working capital effectively and run his business more efficiently. He was no longer bogged down by manual financial processes or worried about cash flow issues. Instead, he had the tools and support he needed to focus on growing his business and achieving his goals. 

From Rags to Riches

In no time, Ayush’s business began to thrive. He was able to manage working capital and pay his suppliers on time. He even had enough cash flow to invest in new equipment and hire more employees. Ayush’s small shoe-making business had become a success, and he was happy that he stumbled upon that article. 

In today’s world, where everyone is capable of achieving their dreams, it is important to break the prejudiced notion of Cinderella being a damsel in distress. And as this story has shown, with determination, businesses can achieve their dreams and turn their struggling businesses into successful ones.  

But let’s not forget that behind every Cinderella story is a hard worker determined to make the dreams a reality. And with the right tools and support, it is easy to achieve business success, just like Ayush did. 

So if you’re a small business owner in need of a financial boost, give Hylobiz a try and see the magic for yourself.

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