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Bill Gates, Azim Prem ji, Melinda Gates, Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey – Do you know what is common in all them? They all are successful, recognized and amongst the richest people in the world but what makes them stand out are their constant efforts of giving. They are under the Top PHILANTHROPIST of the world. While earning, building a brand had made them rich and successful, what is making them truly happy is – the art of giving back.

Time Cook, another philanthropist said – You want to be the pebble in the pond that creates the ripple for change.

Each one of us as an individual, Business Owners or millionaires might be making a living by earning or running a business, but it is only when we give back to the community makes it meaningful.

Going with the same philosophy Hylobiz – a fintech firm is launching the initiative of HylobizGiveback.

What is HylobizGiveback?

As an individual or Business Owner –

  • Do you believe in giving it back to the society?
  • Do you think the only way one can succeed is via collaboration?
  • Together we can grow is the mantra you follow!

Then we are glad to join hands with you in this sustainable social cause.

Hylobiz with its initiative to giveitback has committed to give away 1 INR /transaction. For every 100 transaction we transfer 100 INR to the cause.

The causes that Hylobiz is associated with

Supporting Education for Underprivileged Children – An initiative started by a school going kid, to fund money to underprivileged children – A hundred rupees at a time. Check out his Instagram for more information.

But this giveback is not possible without you. As you transact with us, from our profit we give away 1 INR to this sustainable social cause. So your collaboration is making this funding possible.

How to join hands with HylobizGiveback initiative?

  1. Register here at Hylobiz
  2. Collect and Send Payments using Hylobiz
  3. For every transaction done by you, Hylobiz commits to donate 1 INR to the cause.
  4. So once you sign up and start transacting, you are also donating towards a sustainable social cause.

The more you transact, the more money we can donate and enrich the curious brains of little angels with the power of knowledge. As the knowledge helps in building the society.

So what do you say – Are you and your business with us?

We are in a lookout for causes which helps small businesses operate better and would be glad to  include in our initiative. If you know/part of any such initiative do Contact us .

If you are willing to contribute to know more about our initiative and be part of the change, please Contact us  or drop an email to

Together we can!

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