Connected Banking services on Hylobiz, today’s Fintech can facilitate brisk payment and collection in UAE

The Connected Banking Services is seeing robust growth in UAE with the advent of digital disruption during the pandemic and with the growing affinity towards digital payments among customers. Gone are the days when a business had to wait long for payment clearance by a Bank. A good and efficient Fintech today can enable you to collect payments faster and Hylobiz makes it super fast through innovation and alliances.

Hylobiz offers Connected Banking Services

Hylobiz is a Fintech platform that is pre-integrated with Tally, ZOHO, and Quickbooks and is 100% safe and secured. The connected banking services include seamless integration of Business tools/ ERP, digital payment collections, auto reconciliation, and automatic reminders. The platform allows you to record, track, and manage financial data and transactions accurately when you integrate your existing ERP with Hylobiz. Quick clearance and settlement facility on the Hylobiz platform enables you to collect payments and payout digitally through multiple modes well on time.

Why choose Hylobiz?

SME businesses in UAE across industries have made Hylobiz their choice because of its competitive pricing and innovative solution to the accounting, collection, and payment requirements. The system is accurate and efficient enough to help manage the audit trails competently.

The web (Sign up) and the mobile app (Download the app: Android and Apple store) of Hylobiz are equally useful in automated and fast collections and payments. Hylobiz is efficient enough to onboard a business in just one business hour. The basket of features worth mentioning is here:

screens tab mobile uae homepage Connected Banking services on Hylobiz, today’s Fintech can facilitate brisk payment and collection in UAE
Real-time dashboard
  • Real time dashboard on Hylobiz helps businesses to view their payments and collections status and make quick business decisions.
  • The automated invoice and payment reminders allow you to collect payments faster. The automated reminders are customisable.
  • You can seamlessly integrate your business with Hylobiz for direct settlement to bank account,
  • Invoice management with Hylobiz is just very easy. You can create and upload invoices and send them on the go.
  • You can send payment collection links through WhatsApp, SMS, and Email. Payments are collected through multiple modes.
  • You can pay out to vendors digitally without any delay.
  • The automated reconciliation of invoices and accounting system makes your business earn better ROI and enjoy a good cash flow.
  • The automated reports are accessible anytime anywhere making you take informed decisions and help make long term plans.

Clearance of payment in just 24 hours… It is a reality in present day with Hylobiz

Every payment transaction between connected banking services requires a processing phase which includes two indispensable stages, clearing, and settlement. The traditional form of clearance cycle at a Bank which ends with settlement of accounts involving debit of one account and credit of the other is a long and rigorous process. Hence businesses wait for long to get paid for the bills raised and often suffer losses.

However, you will be truly amazed to know that a business in UAE registered on the Hylobiz platform get a payment settled in just 2 business days which is even less than 24 hours (in UAE, a business day is mostly 8 to 9 hours).

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