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Impact of Working Capital on the Profitability of Businesses
The success of a business majorly depends on its profitability and liquidity status. Working capital is the heart of a business and refers to the liquid (available)
fund that a business needs for steady day-to-day operations.
Steady Collections, Working Capital and business growth Hylobiz Case Studies 6
The study was on a business client committed to excellence- in the automotive industry. Just two years back, they suddenly found it quite hard to face the cutthroat competition in the market. With the digitalization, industrial diversification, and technological boom in recent years,
e invoicing compliance with end to end encryption at Hylobiz
The study on compliance was done on a highly engaged business client with Hylobiz.Our client had no clue as to how e-invoices can be generated quickly and easily. They were looking for a secured e-invoicing solution.
Automation of Invoicing and collection Case Study Image Hylobiz
The study was on a highly engaged business client with Hylobiz and is intended to find how automation of invoicing and collection can mitigate manual invoicing problems.
Image of Automation of Outstanding Dues with Real time Visibility of Cash Flows
Hylobiz empowers businesses to automate your account receivables with automated reminders. And to improve your collection efficiency with real-time visibility of your cash flow.
Image of SME-Partner-is-Speeding-up-the-Collections
Hylobiz is helping businesses in digitizing their value chain with its tailor-made solutions. Its solution includes invoicing, payments, collection, business credit and more. With Hylobiz, Businesses enjoy a healthy improvement in collection efficiency with Hylobiz's automated payment reminders. Also, it provides an option to share invoices with attached payment links via multiple channels.
Image of Fintech-and-Bank-Partnerships-Benefit-SME-Businesses
Hylobiz is an ISO certified secured fintech offering bank-grade protections and is in alliance with multiple banks and ERPs. Data encryption and two-factor authentication give businesses an optimum level of security. The platform is pre-integrated with multiple ERPs and offers innovative technology and automation.