Top Five Tips to keep up and running your business, with automated invoice distribution

5 Tips to keep up and running your business, with automated invoice distribution to friends who were also running a business in different parts of the country met after a long time, after the initial conversation about family and politics, they came to business discussion, here is a snippet of it –

Mr. Ashok – I am fed up with the data entry and mismatch of records due to human error.

Mr. Iyer – Oh Man! I am mostly occupied in figuring out “Where the invoices went?” They just disappear!

Mr. Ashok – Ohh is it, And how do you deal with clunky records and slow processing of your invoice My Iyer? As it drives me crazy how I have to keep chasing payments.

My Iyer –  Yeah even I am facing that issue and it results in me losing money.

Most Business Owners, Enterprises, and SMEs could relate to the above table. In spite of technology expansion and business-specific solutions, businesses find it hard to get paid on time for the invoices.

How To Get Invoices Paid Faster with an Automated Invoice Distribution Platform?

Create an Accurate and Understandable Invoice

Your Invoice is not just a document, but a key to boosting your business with an automated invoice distribution Platform timely payments. So invest some time and research “How effectively you can design an invoice template” that is understandable and easy. Some pointers to mention –

  1. Invoice Date
  2. Reference to Purchase Order [in case applicable]
  3. Taxes and Discounts
  4. Conditions like late payment charges, interest
  5. Invoice Payment Date
  6. Items Description
  7. Quantity of Items
  8. Base Price of each item
  9. The total amount to be paid in Numbers and Rupees
  10. Stating Currency for Cross Border Trades
  11. Bill To Name and Address
  12. Bill From Name and Address
  13. Payment Bank Details included

While MS Word or Excel could be an easy tool to create templates and automated invoice distribution, Invoice Automation Solution could help your business in using these templates and sending invoices digitally. Many Platforms also offers integration with different ERP’s thereby making it much more seamless and convenient.

Offer Multiple Forms of Payment Option

With multiple payment options like Credit Card, UPI, Debit Card, and wallets floating around, many individuals are not keen to use all of them. For such buyers, you need to offer all payment options and let them choose which payment mode they prefer.

By offering multiple payment options you are offering them the power to choose what they use and pay on time.

Opting for a digital platform offering multiple payment options to your buyer seems easy, many digital solutions open payment options.

  • Pay via Credit Card or Debit Card
  • NEFT, RTGS, or IMPS mode using Bank Transfer
  • UPI Based Payments
  • Paypal

Schedule/Send Reminders

We live in a world where we are constantly fed by information. The irony is that even when you go to a bathroom your phone follows. In such information overload, how do you “keep nudging” your buyer to pay on time?

Reminders are an easy and fun way of doing it.

However, you need to set/send a reminder that shouldn’t look like you are after your buyer but are still able to remind him about his pending dues. In fact, in one of the studies, it is proven that reminders have helped buyers in making the payment on time and increased their credit ratings.

Many automated invoice distribution Platform offers their users to send customized reminders. In fact, the solutions also as are integrated with Banks offer Loans Credit Card or Health insurance for timely payments of invoices.

Reward Early/On-time Payments

How did a relationship work? With mutual benefits. Isn’t?

So while your buyer is making a payment on time, you can offer him/her a reward may be in the terms of some discount or as mentioned earlier offering a loan, Business Credit Card Insurance for Health or logistics for his business via Hylobiz

Levy Penalties/Late Payment Charges/Interest

This might seem a bit hard, but let’s face it, we are into a business that runs by money, and money value is in NOW. Any delay would affect your working capital, hence it’s good to put in the conditions of penalties, late payment charges, or interest applicable in terms and conditions.

In fact, you can also ask your customers to pay in installments instead of paying late, this way you would have a clear picture of how much money would flow in and you can also help your buyer in releasing the payment in bit-size.

Hylobiz is a Digital-first platform for all your Offline and automated invoice distribution on Time

Hylobiz is a platform that offers business owners, accountants, and sales, and marketing teams a way to get invoices paid faster. Loaded with features of seamless integration to ERPs and Banks, it could boost your business in streamlining payments and recognizing revenues.

Hylobiz automates manual processes, lowers transaction costs, and speeds up invoice collection.

Here are some of the features Hylobiz offers –

Invoice Collection – Hylobiz Receivables help you digitize your collection process. You get the power to send your invoices or pro forma to your customers with secured payment links giving multiple payment methods to your customers to make digital payments, and automated invoice distribution.

ERP Integration – Access your ERP with our pre-integrated ERP list with Hylobiz or just upload your invoice file to kick start your digital collections with a simple two-step process

Automated Reconciliation – Hylobiz helps you with automated reconciliations of your banking transactions. All your receivables and payables are consolidated and updated in a single report with a Unique Payment Identity Number.

Credit Card, loans, and Insurance – Get Business Credit Card, loans, and health or inventory insurance. You can also extend these benefits to your customer who pays on time.

If you want to know if Hylobiz and your company can be a perfect match, schedule a free demo today.

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