SUTA Business Story – The Story of Thread

Creative strokes on every attire
Adding charm to the natural flair 

Fusing tradition with modern fashions
Unique are the designs, loved by millions 

Upholding our culture and rich heritage,
Sarees reimagined for the modern age. 

Holding individuals with love and care,
Bringing smile to every weaver😊 

Yes, we spoke about SUTA, a promising textile brand.

This is an appreciation post. This post is a part of a series meant for appreciating credible startup businesses. We intend to inspire entrepreneurs.  Hylobiz appreciates the entrepreneur sisters and the entire team of their business for redesigning the traditional sarees with a modern touch and for creating a positive difference in the lives of weavers. 

In our recent research on women-led successful startups, we have come across SUTA, a textile business. Hylobiz appreciates the dedication of an absolutely amazing business startup team. 

Sujata and Taniya, the talented entrepreneur sisters are the right and left brains behind SUTA, a remarkable textile business creating a huge impact in the industry and in the life of many.  

We, being in the B2B segment love to know about innovative and exceptional businesses and here we would share our thoughts and findings on.  

The entrepreneurial journey of the two women co-founders of SUTA is inspiring and can motivate many. 

SUTA Business Story, Invoice Collections and Payments

Why did we choose to Speak about SUTA

Well, saree is a traditional Indian attire that gives an elegant look while igniting a mixed sense of tradition, pride, and nostalgia. But today’s women also look for some more impacts in addition to these. 

What if these sarees were redesigned with a creative touch that blends tradition and contemporaneity on high-quality fabrics? Fantastic right?  

Their handwoven, easy-to-wear, uniquely designed sarees and apparel reflecting varied art and culture are created with immense craftsmanship and have touched the heart of many irrespective of their age.

The sarees get a unique touch of creativity that can give you a contemporary look. They sell modern attires of all types with unique designs. 

And their credibility is not limited here. It is not just bringing smiles to those who are bitten by style bugs or going for traditional.  

The highly skilled weavers in the country are mostly underpaid which is driving their empowerment. The sweetest part here is that they respect the weavers and work for the betterment of artisans.

their vision is to make a tangible impact on the economy of the artisans. And that’s rightly human.   

Their interesting business story of there is an inspiration for multiple entrepreneurial businesses today and also inspires women entrepreneurs to the core.  

Hylobiz endorses and appreciates its dedicated effort to stand by the artisan community. Let the ‘suta’ (thread) of love and humanity spread and weave lives and hearts in this country.

Let the ‘humbled thread’ speak the words of modern culture while upholding our traditional richness. 

Would you love to try a unique attire from their Business and would like to contribute a smile to the weaver community?  

Want to know more about and also look for the SUTA collection?  

Check out their link here

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