ROI Calculator for Collection Automation

Automate your business processes to reduce DSO, boost collections efficiency and maintain consistent flow of funds

How does our ROI calculator work?

The ROI calculator on VICCAS helps you understand how with automation, your business can reduce the days sales outstanding, improve invoice collections, and ensure a better return on investment.

Unlock your cashflow with collections and payout automation

Streamline payments, eliminate errors ad ensure timely transactions. Explore how we unlock your financial potential

Check your Potential savings on ROI calculator

Enter some basic inputs and get to know the chances of your potential savings when you automate collections with VICCAS. We are ready to support your business.


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ROI stands for Return on Investment.

Return on Investment (ROI) is a financial metric that calculates the profitability based on a company’s investment.

An ROI Calculator is a tool that helps quantify the return on investment by applying a formula, typically expressed as a percentage.

RoI can be calculated using Account receivables and days sales outstanding.

Utilizing the VICCAS ROI Calculator, businesses can achieve a reduction in the average Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and the potential savings with enhancement in collections.

A good ROI for a small business is typically considered to be higher than 15%, indicating a profitable return relative to the initial investment.

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