Product Release Updates of Hylobiz October 2022

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Before we start, let us give you a brief on the broad scope of Hylobiz

A Preferred Fintech Platform for Businesses and Financial Institutions

We are a Vayana Group company and serve the B2B segment

A business can digitize all of its payables and receivables using Hylobiz. Connect your ERP and bank account for seamless management of commerce, cash, and compliance.

You can give your consumers a variety of ways to pay and get paid faster. You can create payment links and distribute them to your clients to speed up payment collection.

With automated reports and smart dashboards, you can make better decisions and have steady business growth. You can comply with government mandates using Hylobiz e-invoicing and e-way bill solution

To, avail of the benefits join Hylobiz now.

Our team was working hard to make business easier for you. After a lot of planning and, designing we are ready for our product release updates.

Buckle on your seats to go on this ride of updates.

Recent Product Release Updates

  • Scan and Pay:

Hylobiz supports single or bulk payments to your customer/vendor on time using connected bank accounts via multiple payment modes.

Now, We have added an additional payment method on the Payment Page that can be used by the customer/buyer to make the payment by simply scanning the QR code displayed. This will be helpful for the end users who face issues while entering UPI VPA to make the payment.

Easily scan and pay with QR Code product release update at Hylobiz
  • Know your Good Business Score:

Are you constantly concerned with how our business is doing and searching for methods to assist you in it? 

Well, no need to think anymore, we have a tool just for you. 

The Good Business Score (GBS) is a reliable tool for assessing the performance of a business.  With GBS you can easily diagnose your business’ areas of strength, weakness, and improvement. 

With GBS:

Easy Loan Application 

The knowledge of GBS can help businesses with better interest rates apply for loans more easily. 

The Health of your Business

GBS serves as a comprehensive diagnostic report for all of your issues; it provides you with a clear picture of what your business is doing well and where it needs to make improvements.

Businesses can get real-time analysis of their supply chain partners’ dependability.  Hylobiz supports your businesses to manage commerce, cash, and compliance to ensure sound financial health which is necessary for sustainable business growth.  

Hylobiz also prepares your business credit ready. 

You can now view, download or share the GBS report.

Good business score product release update at Hylobiz
  • Kotak Bank Live

With Kotak Mahindra Bank and Hylobiz, business banking is being revolutionized. Now you can have simplified reconciliation and seamless banking and collection with Hylobiz.

This can all be possible with ZERO COST SETUP.

Connect to your Kotak bank account to manage your transactions.

Kotak Mahindra Bank parnership with Hylobiz with product release update with Connected Business Banking

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We are really thrilled to share our product updates, so now you can seamlessly operate your business.

Give this product releases a try, and let us know about your experience in the below comments section.

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