Meet Women Achiever who achieve goals and beat her struggles every day

Every individual has a story, not necessarily from rags to riches but everyday struggles, grabbing/missing opportunities and learning to weave enriching experiences.

This Women’s Day Hylobiz wanted to honour his clients and their women workforce, who are leading from the front to everyday’s struggle.

Meet Prerna Sehgal from OrixIndia

[Hylobiz] What does it mean to be a woman in the part of the Digital world[Covid time] you live in?

[Prerna] Covid times were quite challenging but it helped us learn a lot about our own calibre to manage both Office work as well as household chores simultaneously and uplift both the sides.

My organisation Is people centric, it helped me maintain balance between our work and family life which enabled me to work hard and come up with fresh ideas for the company and to upskill with new technology and improve our performance at work. Alongside it gave us enough empathy to manage not only physical work but mental pressure of self and family.

[Hylobiz] What inspires you to go digital or sustain in Digital world what are your hacks?

Being Digital is the new norm and will make our lives easier. Anything, anywhere and anytime is doable in digital era. One has to update his or herself and be “Digi savy”. From doing gym through online classes to learning new dishes, from being away from family still in touch through video calls and most latestly official meetings through virtual means via zoom and teams.

[Hylobiz] How it had been for you to work and gain financial independence as a women? Would you like to mention any incident/story?

[Prerna] Being from a business family where girls don’t need to work to being an independent women, both myself and my family has adapted well. I have been given all the leverage to take my decisions in my life with due support from the family. Being financially independent has worked in my favour as it has entitled me with more trust and respect from people around.

[Hylobiz] What taboos related to the theme of women do you wish were broken?

[Prerna] People still think if she is newly married so they don’t give her the new opportunity as she might go for long break soon. (This happened with one of my friend) Such thinking should be gone away with.

Though many companies have started following a proportionate ratio of men and women in organisation but this ratio still lacks the concentration of women in higher management which should be focussed. Moreover there are few sectors where still men are dominating the industry.

[Hylobiz] What are some of the apps/tools you use to make your life better in this era?

[Prerna] My major shopping for household grocery and gifts to family, personal shopping is resolved through online apps like big basket, amazon, myntra. Bill payments through Paytm.

[Hylobiz] With money movement happening digitally, your take on its impact on women positively/negatively?

[Prerna] I don’t find anything negative in digital money movement. It has made me more in control of my finances.  And restricted my visits to ATM’s in cash crunch.

[Hylobiz] Who’s work do you admire in relation to women’s rights and equality?

[Prerna] I adore Indira Jaisingh works for women equality and support.

[Hylobiz] What benefits do OrixIndia observes with Hylobiz usage?

[Prerna] We have got our Residual value collection process digitised with the help of HYLO. This enabled us extra time to work on other things, made our process more precise and effortless.

[Hylobiz] Did OrixIndia customer complained or provided a feedback of bad experience with Hylobiz?

[Prerna] There is no such bad experience or complaint we have received for HYLO. It has been a great journey till now with HYLO. And Hope for a great future ahead as well.

[Hylobiz] What’s the most used feature of Hylobiz by OrixIndia?

[Prerna] Most widely used feature of Hylo biz is sending regular update and reminder for payment and document due, fetching daily reports.

Thanks Prerna for your inputs and being a customer of Hylobiz. Wishing you a very good luck and hoping to serve you better.

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