Lead the Indian Growth Story for SMBs, Unleash your Potential with VICCAS

VICCAS – The Indian Growth Story for SMBs

Why a brand story now for an already launched Product? A question that could pop into our minds. We launched the product in September 2023 as one of the flagship offerings from Vayana for MSMEs and SMBs in India.

This story is of the evolution of a product that is most appealing to SMBs, as experts in different genres that served them came together to make it a reality.

Compliance had been the pioneer offering from Vayana, our parent entity to the supply chain network, we combined that with the expertise of Credit coming from the V2p platform together with the Cash and payment flow capabilities with the Hylobiz platform.

Truly a well-intentioned potpourri that serves over 51 million micro, (small, and medium businesses) SMBs solutions present in the country contributing almost 15-20% towards the GDP of India. 

A brand story is a narrative that a company or brand uses to communicate its origin values, mission, and purpose to its audience.

It goes beyond the mere description of products or services and delves into the brand’s differentiator factors, its customers, motivated team involved their motivations, and aspirations and impact they intend to bring in. 

Putting them straight up here. Without many adieus  


The place of origin is one of the Mumbai offices of Vayana, where reps from all units were ideating to bring different fragmenting units trying to get to the same set of merchants with 3 different products, solving all their business challenges individually.

Feet on the street to reach our ideal customers were more and the customers were seeing different sets of representatives from Vayana to solve their problems with regard to Credit (Financing options), Compliance (E-Invoicing and E-way bill solutions), and Cashflow(Invoicing and Cash management).

It was one of those brain waves to bring them all together under one product. This makes our life easier to sell and manage the product. Telling out perspective first, although it should be the customer first.

When we serve better, customers will be happier, going by that logic. This makes customers’ life a lot easier to be one with only one VICCAS app or web application for all the things they need to sort out to do smooth payment processing for SMBS and thus concentrate their “SMBs growth” journey.

No marks to anyone for guessing why the name is VICCAS – which is a moniker for Vikas – growth in Hindi. You see CC in the name which denotes the main features that we offer with Elan.  

It did take us a bit of a journey to combine the best of all and bring out a solution that serves most of the business needs of a business owner or his staff who helps the owner manage his business with efficiency.  


The values of the brand to extoll are our commitment to being part of the growth path which all of us are here for as businesses. 


The Mission is a heavy word and we spent a lot of time finding them as well. For the brand VICCAS purpose is to give our customers a platform, where they can monitor and operate their business with ease so that we both grow. 


The vision of VICCAS is to be a platform where businesses do their day-to-day operations and with this continuous repetition, the credibility of the business is logged, which makes the supporters of businesses like banks, FIs (financial institutions) and Software providers, necessary data points to collaborate with ease and trust.

Putting the head down and doing it all, to a future where rewards await, with easier loans being the least and AI-powered solutions which are learned from customer behaviour to help grow business.  


In this growth story with VICCAS, our customers are the heroes, whose requirements are our command. Once business JOINS VICCAS, he is on-boarded himself for a growth path. This first baby step is to consolidate everything in one place.

The first move of everything from different Excel sheets, emails, and paper scans to the Viccas Invoicing system. Continue using it to collect payments and make payments through the system. The system learns about the business.

Enough data about the business, which is securely stored in our system, is there for taking action now. To be collateral for business credibility, to apply for loans or just to promote yourself. 


Now how do we distinguish/differentiate ourselves from the competitors –  

The Viccas dashboard becomes the boasting place for the business person to “Show- Off” his business credentials, smooth flow of data, dependencies, lag in the business, collaborators involved, and Banking partners involved.

So that becomes the Proof of the pudding for the business to grow further and collaborate.


One place where a businessman can log in at his whim to know about the health of his business. He need not shuttle between different applications to know the health of his business.

The Team at VICCAS which is spearheaded by Fintech innovators who have been pioneers in the Banking and Fintech fields for decades are Jitin Nanda, Vishal Gupta, Anurag Rastogi and Somil Nanda.


The ultimate aim is to make the money grow in the economy and be collaborators in doing so. Nations growth and more resources for taking the business to the next level, thus the impact.

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