Inclusivity at workplace – Inclusive work at Hylobiz

Inclusivity at workplace means that companies today recruit a diverse workforce that includes people of different ages, religions, genders, ethnicity, and work experiences. Most of the organizations today have realized that respecting and appreciating the diverse group of employees is highly important to build a great workplace. To create an inclusive work culture, it is important to embrace unique ideas, varied perspectives, and experiences. Inclusivity at workplace can ensure true commitment from everyone in the workforce.

Most leaders agree that inclusion is important, but they feel that it is difficult though not impossible to build an inclusive work environment.

What are the important components of an Inclusivity at workplace?

Inclusivity at workplace can help in growth at personal and organizational levels. In fact, diversity without inclusion can have negative impacts and the team does not perform well. When the employees and the leadership work cohesively, the culture and engagement get a momentum which promotes a development in the business health and accelerates a growth in the revenue and gives competitive advantage.

The following are the building blocks of inclusive work culture:

  1. The voice of the employees to be utilized efficiently as their opinions matter and they get valued.
  2. The new hires should be made aware that the company is a safe place for them to work. The early introduction to inclusion can strongly remove discrimination in the workforce.
  3. The unique qualities of an employee if appreciated can help the employee gain confidence, helps feel included and instil a sense of belongingness.
  4. The education and training of the employees at all levels holistically develops an efficient and connected workforce ensuring higher level of productivity. The employees feel that the company cares for their aspirations and growth.
  5. Listening to the employees patiently can drive overall success of the organisation.
  6. If the leaders and employees work in collaboration the silos break down and the organization grows.

The positive impacts of an inclusive work environment

An inclusive work environment promises –

  • Strong employee engagement
  • High level of commitment
  • High productivity
  • Growth in working capital.
  • Better business orientation and outcomes
  • Healthy work environment
  • More hiring through employee references as employees get satisfied.
  • High employee retention and engagement

Hylobiz nurtures an inclusive work environment- Want to know about Hylobiz work culture?

Here you go.

Hylobiz has a people-centric work culture where the employees connect themselves to the company and feel valued and encouraged. The unique selves get importance which acts as an impetus to high productivity. The leadership and grassroots work together and exchange views to build a strong strategy which helps us to meet the organizational, people and business goals successfully.

Inclusivity at workplace – Inclusive work at Hylobiz

Recently Hylobiz went live on Facebook on 10th March this year to discuss on “Inclusive work at Hylobiz”. It was a Women’s Day special video where we talked mostly about women in Hylobiz and highlighted our overall work culture. Our CEO, Mr. Vishal Gupta, Digital strategist, and cofounder Ms. Lakshmi Thampi and some of the highly efficient women employees from the Technical and Digital team met to discuss their experiences while working with Hylobiz. The discussion was led by Lakshmi.

Some of the discussed points from the video stream are here which will give you an overall idea about the healthy workplace at Hylobiz. (You will love to go through the conversations that took place).

[Lakshmi] You have had 10 years of experience in the tech field, and you took a break for your child when you came back to work with us. What was your experience of getting included in a workforce after so much of time and how better can we be?

[Chandrama from Technical team] I am a mother of a 7-year-old. Before I joined Hylo I was on a break of 6 and a half years. When a mother goes for a break to care for her little one, every time she thinks about going back to work, after a certain amount of time, she starts to feel like she can no longer efficiently do what she was good at. The break keeps getting longer and the fear mounts up every day. Finally, at some point you step up and you decide to go back to work. You go back to work and more often some of us experience something called an imposter syndrome when you feel like you do not deserve the success and you start to get scared to ask questions. You get scared to say, “I don’t know, or I don’t understand”. These are some of the issues that cause a lot of anxiety or insecurity among young mothers.

Hylo follows a very simple principle –

help a returning employee, familiarize, and reconnect with her professional side, once she is on board give her enough time to familiarize herself with all the newness, let her take time till she feels like she is the same professional person that she used to be, offering customized work hours if I can work 4 hours a day or 6 hours a day or 8 hours a day… it’s my call. Offering work from home option, considering my convenience before setting a call or a meeting with the group, rewarding every small and big milestone, not overlooking even the smallest of contributions. The most important was not using the same yardstick to measure every employee.

[Lakshmi] The work culture needs to be conducive for not only women but men as well.

(To Richa Lakshmi asked) What does inclusivity mean to you Richa when it comes to work culture or rather work as a whole?

[Richa from Digital Team] I would talk about the International Women’s Day theme this year. As everyone knows the theme is “Choose to Challenge” and I would love to urge all of us to self-challenge for the betterment and acknowledge the women around you, inspire the women around you and I would like to thank all the women around me… (Highlighted a quote from Sundar Pichai to explain inclusivity and then continued…) Every perspective is valuable but different as well… Collaborating with people who have different mindset who don’t think like you or who don’t talk like you can actually stretch your own boundaries and can help you work more creatively.

I feel proud to be associated with Hylobiz where we have a very diverse culture… We always feel the urge to think out of our boundaries.

[Lakshmi] The digital team for long time have been a women’s team. We are trying to bring in a man to our team. The tech team has a good mix of men and women and we need to bring parity here as well.

(To Vishal Lakshmi asked) What are the different challenges women face on the professional front?

[Vishal] …More than once I have been a part of certain discussions and been a rebel in those corporate worlds of interviews and discussions where in I have seen the interview panel looking at women’s CVs very differently… I have challenged this all throughout my life…

From my leadership perspective at Hylo, today I would look at it as our culture largely has been full of empathy, support each other, be shamelessly open about the good, bad, and the ugly, support each other with a very open heart, and at the end of the day what really matters is delivery and performance… it does not really matter… gender, college, or qualification each of us has.

[Lakshmi] (to Samiksha she asked) How will our platform help in inclusivity?

[Samiksha from Digital Team] My father is a businessman and this platform basically caters to the needs of business in getting paid on time. That specifically for women is the need of the hour…

Hylobiz could help all the businessmen and women in a way to get paid on time… we are helping women specifically in driving the inclusion.

[Lakshmi] The features which we are offering are helping a lot in bringing female workforce back to business. With the lockdown we have seen a surge in a lot of people going back to doing businesses from homes… our platform should help people switch their gears.

(Lakshmi to Chandrama) How inspiring is it to contribute to a platform like this?

[Chandrama] Working here at Hylobiz is highly inspiring. We use Micro services architecture which is very awesome. It’s the same architecture that is used to build Netflix. We use an open API architecture to build a project … it helps any business to automate all their connections… Hylo believes that the perspective a woman brings to the table is highly focussed and object-driven.

Lakshmi concluded saying, with the lockdown the whole team understood that they can work from anywhere and can be productive and be accountable as well.

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