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Hylobiz | What is Invoice Discounting?

Shortage of liquid funds in business?

Your cash is arrested in outstanding invoices?

Businesses of multiple sizes across multiple industries function in the global market and contribute to the global economy. Businesses, especially the MSME businesses, often find it difficult to manage the balance of cash flow resulting in working capital impairment and poor business vitality. The unavailability of adequate funds is a noose and can be a serious roadblock for business growth. This can be appropriately handled by a concept popularly known as invoice discounting or bill discounting.

This article might help you in understanding what invoice discounting is and how you can make use of the process to get financed and have enough funds to manage operational expenses.

Invoice Discounting defined

A business while selling products or services to wholesalers, distributors or other significantly large clients often raise invoices on credit which can be paid by the purchaser on a later date mentioned on the invoices. Considering the strong competition in the market, businesses often agree to a due date which can range between 1-6 months. A longer credit cycle creates a shortage of cash inflow and the invoices raised for sales made in credit often do not get paid on time.

Invoice discounting or bill discounting is an invoice financing process that can effectively be used by businesses to get access to short-term funds and is opted as a substitute for a business loan.

In the invoice discounting process, a business borrows a loan from financial institutions against the unpaid invoices/bills. It is a short-term borrowing available from lending institutions. This helps the business liquidate funds to manage expenses.

Why invoice discounting?

  • Better working capital
  • Help control current liabilities
  • Easy access to more credit amount
  • Liquid fund available for the purchase of supplies and goods and for repayment of business loans
  • Stronger business relations
  • No additional collateral is required
  • No need for chases for invoices
  • Quick and steady cash flow
  • Suitable for the businesess of all industries
  • Get access to more profit

Factors determining invoice discounting

  • Amount of funds required
  • Active client base
  • Total amount outstanding in the unpaid invoices
  • The goodwill of the business and the turnover it has
Invoice discounting process

A business sells goods on credit and raises invoices/bills/account–> Takes buyer’s approval before applying for invoice discounting–> Applies in financial institutions for invoice discounting with the unpaid invoices–> The lender offers a percentage of the invoice amount as a loan after discounting the commission and service charges (called the discounting fees)–> Finally when the client(the business who is the purchaser) pays the due amount, the business can repay the loan to the financial institution.

Invoice Discounting Process

Fintech firms can help access finance by invoice discounting

MSMEs have a huge credit gap due to insufficient assets to pledge as collateral for loans and minimum revenue. Again, the information asymmetry of SME businesses creates hindrances in accessing invoice discounting facilities, and fintech companies come to their rescue by collating the transactions. (

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Facilities on Hylobiz that can help avail of invoice discounting facilities

  • Easy ERP and account integration
  • Create/ upload and send proforma, sales, and final invoices via multiple communication channels
  • Automated reconciliations on real-time
  • Digital and quick onboarding
  • Technical support
  • Easy access to working capital
  • Cash flow visibility
  • Accounts receivable management and access to the status of invoices in realtime
  • Access to the online digital ledger
  • Real-time dashboard
  • Business health score

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