How a Quick Digital Payment can Boost SME Businesses in UAE?

Are payment and cash flow digitized in your business?

Are you looking for a digital fintech platform that can help you in seamless ERP integration and efficiently track and automate payments, collections, and cash flow?

Want all these cutting-edge features at an affordable cost?

Try Hylobiz to meet your business goals through the power of trio- digitization, automation, and innovation. All the must-have features for your small business are available on the platform at competitive prices.

This article can help you understand the importance of digitization and how digital payment collections along with other Hylobiz features can back up your business growth.

Difficulties of paper-based payment

To realize why your business needs the facility of digital payments, there is a need to understand the glitches of paper-based payments.

Paper-based payment processes are inefficient, expensive, and cause delays in transactions, payments, and collections. These payments are labor-intensive, involve manual errors, and have insufficient cash inflow. Manual invoicing, chasing for the invoices are the other difficulties involved. Again, cheque and cash payments are difficult to track, fraud-prone, and do not allow remote operations. Using multiple ERPs users and bank accounts manually creates data redundancy and the process is difficult.

Reveal the business potentials with the power of automation on Hylobiz

Hylobiz is an SME-focused fintech presently operational in UAE and Bahrain. We are all set to touch new corridors to strengthen B2B segments there. Your security is our priority. Hylobiz is ISO certified and protects your business self with strong data encryption and two-factor authentication.

Sign up to subscribe and set up Hylobiz at no cost and transact at minimum expenses. You can quickly onboard the platform and start transacting.

Digital payment with Hylobiz

Digital payment can make your business days hassle-free. With Hylobiz, the digital payments and collections become even smoother as you seamlessly integrate existing ERPs and accounts with the platform. You can payout and get paid without delay.  You can create an invoice or upload from the existing accounting system, need not chase manually for invoices, your payment cycle can speed up, you get access to better tracking, and stronger cash flow visibility.

The integrated payment gateway allows payment through multiple multiple payment modes.

One of our clients in her feedback once shared, that their most loved features are payment links and automated reminders. Yes, and her choice is the choice of many other clients of ours. The payment links can be shared easily as an attachment with the invoices over several communication channels and help in quick contactless collections. The automated reminders help you to send payment reminders and get paid well on time.

You can also create purchase orders and payout to vendors digitally.

You can get access to automated reconciliations and automated reports at real time which makes your receivables and payables easily trackable, and your payments smoother and faster.

The web portal and mobile applications are aptly designed for a smooth user journey. You can reach out to our team for support and we would love to help you.


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How can your business benefit from digital payments and collections with Hylobiz?

  • Faster and safer payments
  • Reduced expenses, save money
  • Minimum risk
  • Better customer experiences
  • Minimum resource requirement
  • Save time
  • Track transactions and dues efficiently, avoid ambiguity
  • Efficient working capital management

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The small businesses associated with us enjoy efficient accounts receivable management, easy APIs, higher ROI, real-time views to cash flow, and easier access to capital.

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