"No one has ever become poor by giving"

– Anne Frank
Hylobiz truly believes in the power of this quote, and we bring to you this ethos in spirit


HylobizGiveback is an opportunity to invest in your community who deserve your support and love.

What is HylobizGiveback?

Hylobiz with its initiative has committed to give away 1 INR/transaction. For every 100 transaction we transfer 100 INR to the cause. The causes that Hylobiz is associated with supporting education for underprivileged children- An initiative “A HUNDRED RUPEES AT A TIME “ started by a kid, to fund money to underprivileged children. Check his Instagram for more information.

Why Hylobiz believes in Giving it back?

  1. Business For Good
  2. Collaboration and not Competition
  3. Build Trust

We are also open to other collaboration that work towards serving the needy and
if it pertains to small businesses we would be more than happy to pitch in.
If you have any suggestions/ideas feel free to drop an email here – lakshmi@hylo.biz

How to join hands with HylobizGiveback initiative?

  1. Register here at Hylobiz.
  2. Collect and Send Payments using Hylobiz.
  3. For every transaction done by you, Hylobiz commits to donate 1 INR to the cause.
  4. So once you sign up and start transacting, you are also donating towards a noble cause.