Hylobiz is helping thousands of businesses

How Hylobiz is helping thousands of businesses stay relevant in their game?

For every businesses to stay ahead of competition and to see better growth and revenue irrespective of the size and industry, needs to focus on its consumers and suppliers, communicate effectively, make right decisions, understand trend, manage data and financial records efficiently, transact accurately, and make long term plans.

Is there a one stop solution that can help businesses to manage all these business requirements and to stay relevant in their game?

Yes, Hylobiz, a digital platform with a magic of automation, is helping businesses to make correct decisions on time, to get the tedious accounting jobs done in just few clicks and help communicate with suppliers and customers professionally and effectively. The system is bringing positive changes in the B2B marketplace.

Once a business signs up on Hylobiz digital platform, it can avoid manual errors as the distributed digital ledgers on the platform help manage and track financial records efficiently. The digital ledgers enable you to manage contacts and ledger level collections.

digital ledger How Hylobiz is helping thousands of businesses stay relevant in their game?
Figure 1: Maintain Digital Ledger

Businesses may start using Hylobiz free trial for 30-90 days based on the size of the business to understand the system well. The subscription charges are discounted based on the size of business and volume of transactions offering you the best monthly, quarterly, and annual plans available in the market.

With Hylobiz, a business can reduce operating cost significantly and see a steep growth. The platform is already integrated with the ERP partners like Tally, quickbooks and ZOHO.

With Hylobiz connected banking platform through web and mobile apps you can

  • Create, upload, and send branded invoice over WhatsApp, SMS, and Email
  • Get reminded through automated reminders
  • Collect dues on time digitally
  • Pay out to vendors, business partners and employees in single/bulk/recurring mode
  • Get automated settlements done quickly
  • Get reconciliations done automatically
  • Access daily settlements and payments report from anywhere
  • Manage multiple Accounts, ERPs, users
  • Understand business health and take right decisions
  • Manage audit trails
receivables mobile app
Figure 2: Business Health

While you continue reading this article you will know more about the top features that might support your business face challenges better and win over your competitors.

The businesses that use Hylobiz, understand through their positive experience the importance of using the right tools.

A business owner based out of Chennai, recently shared,

The businesses health score and real time reporting available on the platform are worth mentioning. I am now able to make quick and effective decisions anytime even when I am travelling. The business after using Hylobiz platform is enjoying better cash flow and is growing at a rapid pace.”

We understand that you would also love to know the reviews of the accounting and sales professionals as they are the experts dealing with most of the features available on the platform.

To our sales team, the Accounting Manager of a business in UAE, shared,

All our financial record tracking and transactions are done digitally through Hylobiz platform. The automatic reconciliations and settlements make our work easy and error free. We need not spend hours in journals and ledgers. We face audits boldly and spend good time in financial analysis and pointing out risks.”

The sales head of a business located in Bangalore once pointed out,

With Hylobiz our collections are better than before, and our customers are happy as we communicate with them effectively with proof through Emails and SMS. We can even reach them through WhatsApp. Thanks to Hylobiz as we are able to reach more customers.

Hylobiz is a highly secured platform offering data encryption and digital certificates. Hylobiz with the digital tracking of financial records, transactions, and inventories, allows you to avail credits from its partner banks (in India -HDFC, Kotak, ICICI, Yes Bank) and makes you eligible to get credits from other banks and financial institutions across the world. You can organize your accounts well, manage assets and liabilities and efficiently manage working capital. With Hylobiz you can enable credit to your buyers in the distribution network and eventually can grow your business efficiently faster.

The system also strengthens your business with business insurances facilities which you may like to opt for.

At Hylobiz, the experienced professionals, are continuously in the process of analysis, upgradations, and innovations to cater the growing needs of business owners, accounting professionals and sales professionals of all businesses across industries.

Top few features in Hylobiz helping businesses

Real time business dashboards

dashboard mobile app
Figure 3: Dashboard

The real time business dashboard help analyse risk, forecast, and make financial and business decisions efficiently. The dashboard shows

  • Financial and business health,
  • The upcoming payables and receivables
  • The overdue summary.


receivables mobile1 How Hylobiz is helping thousands of businesses stay relevant in their game?
Figure 4: Receivables Feature on App

The receivables feature

  • Allow creation of branded invoices
  • Enables you to import single invoices or multiple invoices in bulk.
  • Allow quick settlements
  • Digital payment links of receivables can be sent out by Hylobiz sellers


ipad dashboard payables mark How Hylobiz is helping thousands of businesses stay relevant in their game?
Figure 5: Payables Feature

The Payables feature help

  • Manually create and handle payables
  • Pay out for single invoice or in bulk for multiple invoices.
  • Send out a payment confirmation message to both payer and receiver

Reconciliation reports

Auto reconciliation for real time cash flow
  • Automated reconciliations and daily settlements keep the finances updated and tracked
  • The payment transactions report tracks financial records accurately.

Alerts and Reminders

ipad dashboard email How Hylobiz is helping thousands of businesses stay relevant in their game?
  • The alerts and reminders can be configured at company and contact level.
  • Alerts and reminders are sent through Email, SMS, and WhatsApp promoting a better business relation with customers and suppliers.
  • Professional emails with the help of email templates

With Hylobiz, you will be able to track unrealized cheques, understand the business cashflow through a single view, manage multiple businesses, understand receivables and payables through real time view, avoid manual tasks and boost customer relationship by sharing digital ledgers. You will be able to communicate better with your customers and vendors through WhatsApp and in App chats.

Importantly, you may empower your business on digital store front with Hylobiz. We assure you will be able to earn better revenues, make long term plans efficiently and meet organizational goals without any fail once we are with you.

If you feel interested to get connected with us, please email us at  support@hylo.biz

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