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VICCAS ( Vayana’s Integrated Cashflow Credit and Analytical solution), a Vayana product is an all-in-one solution catering to MSMEs and providing them seamless access to cash and credit. It also simplifies the GST compliance process. The digital solution ensures to businesses- 

  1. Digitization of invoices.
  2. Faster invoice collections.
  3. Easy payouts.
  4. Automated Reconciliation and Cashflow Tracking.
  5. Easy E-invoice and E-way Bill Generation.
  6. Access to timely and affordable Working Capital Loans.
  7. Seamless Digital commerce and wider digital reach.

Businesses can connect their ERP and bank account to VICCAS and manage their operations from single platform.  

It automates payment reminders, provides real-time visibility into the ledger status and payment history, supports auto-reconciliation into your ERP, and drives efficiency and ensures growth. You can enjoy seamless integration with top ERPs available in the market and can digitize business processes without any hassle.

VICCAS services are available to Indian businesses currently.  

However, Hylobiz serves in India, Indonesia, US and UAE. We will soon be live in Oman and Africa and will expand in other countries as well.

With VICCAS, B2B MSMEs can accelerate collections, improve cashflow, get access to timely credit easily, manage compliance and digital commerce without changing their existing process.  

VICCAS is a perfect fit for businesses of all sizes and across industries. If you are GST registered business, you can quickly sign up on VICCAS in easy steps!

Yes, VICCAS can be customized to meet the business requirements of big enterprises/ corporate businesses.

The corporates/ bigger enterprises can integrate with the micro-services APIs available with VICCAS at absolutely no process change for trade automation.

VICCAS ensures strong buyer- seller network in the supply chain and builds robust business relationships by offering transparency across the solution.

Yes, VICCAS services can be availed by freelancers and professionals.

They can generate invoices, improve collection with payment reminders, and improve customer experiences. 

You can add as many sub-users as you want to add at no extra cost enabling the overall efficiency and productivity of your business.

Usually 1 business day. You can explore and avail different plans for quicker settlement.

To prevent criminal activities and cyber frauds. The RBI regulation in India  mandates KYC  validation, this enables us to know the identity of the customer. This also ensures, mapping of name with banking details and enable timely collection settlements.

For Indian businesses, the following are required for KYC.

  1. Bank statement or cancelled cheque.
  2. Company PAN Card.
  3. Company GST certificate.
  4. Certificate of incorporation.

Registration/Open a New Account

Register on our website portal with your mobile number, email number, first and last names, GST details and business category. After successful document verification, you will be all set to transact on the VICCAS platform. The platform is aligned to the data protection and privacy law of the GOI.

There are no prerequisites, just complete your registration and you are good to go.

24 hrs. Business verification happens with GST and bank account verification is digital.

Yes, you can do it here- Settings-> Edit Business Information.

Yes, you can do it with “Edit user information in Settings functionality on VICCAS platform.

Yes. Go to Settings to do that.

“Settings”-> Configure Reminder.

“Settings”-> Set Up Team.

Yes, you can do it with Settings” functionality.


Collection of Payments can be done in two ways –

  1. Single Transaction – “Collect payments” in QuickLinks on home screen->Send a payment request-> Select Contact->Fill Transcation Amount, Reference Number, Due date, upload supporting documents, add a note, and click on Initiate Collections. You can additionally click on “Attach a secure Payment Link with this transaction” for your customer to pay instantly via preferred payment mode.
  2. For Bulk Transactions – You can click on “Collect payments” in QuickLinks on home screen-> Send payment request for multiple invoices-> In Collect Bulk payment screen, Select a file format  or upload file. And once the file is uploaded, check for details, and if all is correct Initiate collections.

You can also “Configure file format”-> Proceed 

Go to Settings -> Configure collect bulk payment file wherein based on the input fields like S.No from your excel can be mapped. 

You can send reminders and “Attach a secure Payment Link with this transaction” so that the user can click on the link and pay.

Go to VICCAS Platform 

->Select ‘Collections’ tab -> Under ‘Quick Links’, select ‘Create Sales Invoice’ 

->Choose the contact details of the client or add new contact  

->Add the ‘Billing Address’ and ‘Shipping Address’ 

->Set the ‘Invoice date’ and ‘Invoice Due Date’ 

->Add ‘Items’ along with ‘Tax’, ‘Discount’ and ‘Additional Charges’ 

->Click on ‘Save and Send’.

The invoice gets generated. You may download the invoice or share it in the form of a payment link. 

Yes. Follow similar steps to generate an invoice and save as Draft and carry out the collection later.  

Go to VICCAS Platform and create a sales invoice by adding the contact, address and invoice due date details of the client.  

->Add ‘Items’ along with ‘Tax’, ‘Discount’ and ‘Additional Charges’ 

->Click on ‘Save as Draft’. The draft invoice can be seen under the ‘Transactions’ tab for later use.

Once the contact and billing details are added along with the invoice due dates, add the items for billing.  

Above the Subtotal bar, there are options to  

  • – Add ‘Discount’, ‘Tax’ and ‘Other Additional Charges’.
  • – Check the ‘Total Amount’->Click on ‘Save as Draft’ or ‘Save & Send’.


Visit the VICCAS platform-> Go to the ‘Home’ tab -> Click on ‘Purchase Order’ under ‘Quick Links’ 

– Click on ‘New Purchase Order’->Select or Add ‘Contact of Manufacturer/Distributor’ 

– Add Purchase Order Items, Date, Shipping and Delivery Address 

– Add ‘Discount’, ‘Tax’ and ‘Other Additional Charges’ 

– Click on ‘Save & Send’ 

– The Manufacturer/Distributor receives the purchase order and confirms the order by converting it into an invoice. 

**Both the buyer and manufacturer/distributor must be active on the VICCAS platform**

No, there are no prerequisites, but KYC validation needs to be successful to create or upload a Purchase Order. 


Stock house is a digital inventory management solution extended to businesses registered on the VICCAS platform. This feature helps you keep track of your inventories smartly. It helps you to list your items in Public and Private Mode.

While adding items to the Purchase Order, go to the “Add New’ tab on the right-hand side and then click on ‘Add Item/ Add Service’. Depending upon the business you own, add the item or service details and click on ‘Save’. 


Go to ‘Settings’ on the VICCAS Platform, select ‘Stock House’, click on ‘Add New’ tab on the right. 

Add the Item/Service details and save them.

The bulk upload in Stock House is available on the platform.

If any item in the Stock House is Public and you have created your distribution network on VICCAS, then your buyers can access your stock house to raise a Purchase Order. This helps you keep control of your prices even at a secondary sales level. 

Items listed in Private prevents the buyers to access the stock house.

There are no such reminders for low stock items to initiate the refilling of the stock.

Go to ‘Settings’ on the VICCAS Platform, select ‘Stock House’. 

Click on ‘Search Filters’ tab. Enter the items you wish to search for or apply the filters. The filtered items can also be exported to XLS or CSV.

VICCAS Ledger or Digital Ledger

The VICCAS Ledger is a highly praised and advantageous feature that fosters transparency between vendors and customers. It functions as an accounting system, offering an extensive record of invoices and their up-to-date statuses. This feature empowers both vendors and customers to access a real-time account statement for their business interactions. Furthermore, it facilitates the direct sending of payment and collection requests right from the ledger, while also enabling effortless sharing of the ledger between vendors and customers with a simple click.

Adding Contacts to the Ledger: 

To add contacts to the VICCAS Ledger, follow these steps: 

  • Navigate to “VICCAS Ledger” from the left-hand menu or Dashboard. 
  • Click on the “Add Contact” option. 
  • You have two methods for adding contacts: 
  • a. Add a Single Contact: Upon selecting this option, a new screen will appear with three tabs, prompting you to provide Contact information, Business address, and Additional Information. Complete the necessary details and then click “Save” to include the contact. 
  • b. Add Multiple Contacts: If you wish to add several contacts at once, another screen will be accessible, offering the choice to download a sample file for uploading multiple contacts. If this is your first time uploading multiple contacts, download the sample file and update the information in your file in accordance with the provided fields. Ensure that mobile numbers, GST numbers, or PAN card numbers are valid. Save the file and use the “Upload” button to upload it. Once uploaded, the contacts will be displayed in a tabular format. Any fields with invalid data will be marked as “invalid format.” Correct the file and attempt the upload again.

Yes, you can add contacts and link my email.


VICCAS provides businesses with automated smart reports, that help them in making informed decisions. Below are the reports provided by VICCAS: 

  1. Transaction report.
  2. Reconciliation report.
  3. Generated e-way bill report.
  4. Reminder Report.
  5. Billing Report.
  6. Sub User Report.

Yes, reports can be exported in XLS and CSV format. 

You can go to the desired report under the Reports tab and apply filters. By default, it shows all the reports and click on ‘Export XLS’ or ‘Export CSV’. The report can be downloaded with a single click.

Once the reports are exported, you can share the reports with your teams. Alternatively, if your team member is added to the VICCAS system, you can provide him access to view the reports.


VICCAS has integrations with QuickBooks, Zoho, Innoventry and Tally.   

Please share your feedback on a specific ERP if you would like us to integrate it for your markets!


Annual SaaS-based model. Pricing details on our Pricing Page.

Partnerships with Yes Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Axis Bank, and more in pipeline.

Yes, transaction costs for payments through the gateway. Please get in touch with sales team for all the transaction level pricing enquiry details.

The IT team will assess customization needs on a case-by-case basis and engage in discussions with individual businesses regarding the extent of customization required.

Lease contact our sales team to obtain a comprehensive breakdown of the white label pricing.

Kindly reach out to our sales team for further discussion on this matter.

Bank and ERP Partnerships

VICCAS has partnered with leading banks of India like YES Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank and many more. 

Our connected banking services are live in partnership with Kotak Mahindra Bank, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank and YES bank with other banks in pipeline.

With VICCAS, you can easily integrate your ERPs like Tally, Quickbooks, Zoho Books, Innoventry and many more. 

If you have any specific requirements, please reach out to our sales team.

  1. Sign up on the platform.
  2. Once signed up, select “Get Financing.
  3. Fill in the details of your business, including the OTP (One-Time Password), your GST number, GSTIAN username, and the mobile number registered in the GST portal.
  4. Provide your basic details and submit documents as proof, along with your address details.
  5. For borrower details, enter your Aadhar card number, name, and email ID, and verify with an OTP.
  6. Share your shareholding percentage, submit a selfie, and provide details of any partners, if applicable.
  7. Specify the loan details, including the loan amount.
  8. Provide your bank account details, including the bank name, account number, confirm the account number, IFSC code, and account holder’s name. Attach your bank statement.
  9. Review all the details and click “Submit.”
  10. Your application will go through a processing phase, and you will receive a notification via email.
  11. After a review of your credit details, the approved funds will be allocated to you.

VICCAS offerings

Click here to know more. 

e-Invoicing and e-way Bills

Explore our e-invoicing solution on the VICCAS platform, designed to facilitate GST compliance for businesses. With top-notch features, you can now effortlessly create e-invoices and expand your business.

Don’t hesitate to contact our sales team to take advantage of complimentary credits during onboarding.

Easily generate e-way bills for your invoices with a simple click on the VICCAS platform.

Feel free to get in touch with our sales team to access free credits when you onboard.


Dive into our blogs to discover the latest product updates, industry insights, and valuable information. Visit our blog page here – https://viccas.in/blogs/

Close/Deactivate Account

To deactivate or close your account, simply send a request to our support team at marketing@viccas.in Our admin team will promptly assist you in the account closure process.


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Or simply email us at marketing@viccas.in

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