Do you Find it Difficult to Collecting Payments? Try Payment Link 

What business is a great business?

The product can be great the sale can be high, and getting paid for the unpaid invoices becomes difficult for business.

Do you sometimes feel that in spite of having a great product, collecting payments on time becomes difficult for you?

In today’s digital world generating payment links is the best way to invoice collection

From barter to coins to paper money to digital payments, we have gone a long way.

 Since India has the biggest number of UPI transactions, we must have all found it simple to pay online.

 Wayne Dyer once said: “Change the way you see things, and things you see will change.”

Payment links are the best way to collecting payments, it makes it a seamless transaction.

let’s dive deep into it and see what a payments link actually is and how can they make collection faster.

What are Payment Links?

Payments links are links created from a URL that transport your customers directly to a payment page. Customers can pay using a variety of payment methods, including debit and credit cards, net banking, UPI, etc. It is among the quickest and simplest ways to collecting payments.

Reasons Why you Should Try Payment Links

  • Easy to Customers = Happy Customers.

    The ease of payment through links and the option to choose from a variety of payment methods provide customers with a feeling of accountability and validation, which in turn promotes contentment.

    Making your customers happy and simply collecting payments is like shooting two birds with one stone.
  • Cost-effective.

    To follow customers or keep up with various technologies to assist you in collecting payments will require a lot of time and money.

    Why spend time and money when payments link could do it quickly and affordably?
  • Customization.

    Any social media website can be used to share payments link. To draw customers in or to advertise additional goods, You can add a customized message when creating a payment link.
  • Single/bulk/EMI.

    Bulk orders, split payments, and EMI payments are all possible when collecting payments through payment links. You can also use payment links to take installment, fixed, or variable orders.
  • Safety and Security.

    Due to the requirement that they enter their private transactional information, customers often hesitate a lot while making payments online.

    However, it has been noted that when solicited for payment from a reliable application, they seem more secure.

How Payment Links Work

How Payment links work to collecting payments from customers
  1. A payment link is created.
  2. The seller provides the payment link.
  3. The customer gets the link.
  4. The customer clicks the link.
  5. The customer has thereafter forwarded the link to the secure payment page.
  6. Customers use the available methods to pay online ( UPI, cards, net banking, etc).
  7. After a successful transaction, the seller is informed.
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We saw all the benefits of payment links, but who can help you create payment links effortlessly and seamlessly any day any time with few clicks?

Easier Collections with Hylobiz

Hylobiz is a game-changer in the banking and fintech industries. Serving the B2B value chain at its best.

With Hylobiz, essential processes are automated, including managing invoices, collecting payments online, and a lot more.

Your current ERP and account may be seamlessly integrated with Hylobiz, enabling accurate real-time tracking of your data and transactions.

Payment Collection with Hylobiz

The payment link can be used to begin instant collections of your outstanding amounts.

 How do the payment links operate?

You may create payment links for invoices and send them via a variety of methods, including email, SMS, and WhatsApp to get paid on time.

 Through the payment link, your customers can notify you and pay you on time using a variety of payment methods like net banking, UPI, credit card, and debit card.

 You can also repeatedly collect a set amount from numerous clients using the static payment links.

You may program the automated reminders to send out reminders at predetermined times, ensuring that you are paid on time.

The payment links save you from manual chases and allow you fast contactless payment collections.

What are you waiting for? 

Join hylobiz today and enjoy collecting payments on the tip of your finger.

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