How to Easily Generate e-Way Bills?

The GST council of India has made e-Way Bills a mandate.

Now, what is e-Way Bills? An e-way bill is an electronic waybill.

It is a permit needed for the transportation of goods that are worth more than Rs. 50,000 (applicable for a single invoice/bill/delivery challan) in a vehicle within Indian states.  

With the recent introduction of the e-invoicing compliance mandate in the country, the e-way bill generation from IRN has got facilitated.

With the mandates in place, the e-way bill portal had to handle huge traffic for which there were server issues quite often.

Many fraud sites took a chance on hacking sensitive data. This raised worries, and delays, and sometimes caused the cancellation of deliveries.

The technically innovative top SAAS platforms including Hylobiz could solve this and have made compliance easy, efficient, and effective.

Before we tell you how to generate e way bill easily, we would like to clarify some questions on e way bill that you might have in mind.

Here we go.

Why e-way bill?

To comply with GST law, to track and ensure hassle-free movement of goods, and to control tax evasion.

What are the Benefits of the e-Way Bills?

  1. No need for physical documents.
  2. Reduction in cost.
  3. Easy to generate, access, and use.

Who needs an e-way bill?

Every GST registered person who may be a consignor, consignee, recipient, or transporter should generate an e-way bill for transportation by air/rail/road.

An unregistered person supplying goods to the registered person. Here the recipient will have to adhere to compliances and will be considered a supplier.

The transporter should generate an e-way bill if the consignor and the consignee do not generate an e-way bill for the movement of goods above INR 50000.

What is E-way Bill Number?

Eway Bill Number (EBN) is a number that is allocated while e-way bill generation.

What is the Minimum Distance for an e-way bill?

Eway bill is mandatory when the distance to be covered is 50Kms or more.

How long is an e-way bill valid?

For less than 100Kms distances, the e-way bill remains valid for 1 day (24 hours).  For every additional 100 kms, the e-way bill validity increases by a day.

What are the components of the e-way bill?

An eway bill is divided into Part A and Part B and contains details of the goods along with the details of the consignor, the recipient, and the transporter.

What will happen if e-Way Bills is not Generated?

The concerned will be penalized by Rs 10000, and goods might also get confiscated.

So generating e-Way bill is a must and we would tell you the process.

Is it Easy to Generate e-Way Bills?

Absolutely yes with the safe and secured Hylobiz platform.

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How to Generate e-Way Bills on Hylobiz?

  • You can integrate your existing ERP and bank account on Hylobiz. The invoices from existing ERP get auto-synced.

You can also create sales/proforma/ e-Invoicing in simple steps with the help of professional templates for the same. Hylobiz einvoicing solution is powered by Vayana GSP.

You can generate e Way Bill easily using the previously generated invoices/ e-invoices using our receivables feature.

In this case, the e-Way bill will be auto-filled with invoice/ einvoice data and there is a need to update only transporter details.

  • By using the Generate e Way Bill Flow as provided on the platform in the receivables feature. It is also included in the einvoice/ sales invoice flow.
e way Bill Generation, Generate e-Way Bills, e-Way Bills functionalities
Figure 1: Receivable feature for e-Way Bill generation

The flow of e-Way Bills Generation:

  1. You need to select the buyer from the contact list and create invoices and add billing and shipping addresses, then select the item.
  2. You need to fill up Part A (invoice details) and Part B (vehicle details) in eway bill details.

    You can compute the approximate distance between the place of dispatch and delivery with the help of Distance Calculator provided on the platform.
  3. Hylobiz enables you to login to the EWB portal with Eway Bill GST credentials. Once the process is successful, you will get Eway Bill and Invoice/Einvoice number for your reference.
  4. You can share the invoices and eway bills with concerned parties through multiple channels like WhatsApp/SMS/Email/social channels.
Generation e-Way Bills, creates Invoice, e-Invoice,
Figure 2: Create and Send Invoice, Send e-Invoice, e-Way Bills and Attach a Secured Payment Link
More e-Way Bills functionalities on Hylobiz one-stop
  1. Update E Way Bill – Update transporter and vehicle details
  2. Extend Validity of e-Way Bill – The user can extend the validity of e way bill in case of any reasons.
  3. Smart Dashboard – Track the status of the e-Way Bill on the dashboard and utilize various actions as per requirements with ease (edited).
  4. Avail of the Printed e-Way Bill: Users can also print the e-Way bill (EWB) from the platform.
  5. Avail multiple functionalities: The user can consolidate multiple e-way bills, and send them in one vehicle. It is possible to extend the validity of e way bill and update the bill as per the requirement.
e-way bills, Easy to Generate e-Way Bills,
Figure 3: e-Way Bill Dashboard

Hope we could give a clear picture of e-Way bills basics and its generation process. The platform is user-friendly, transparent, and reliable.

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