VICCAS Chatbot A Leap Towards Customer Service Excellence

VICCAS Chatbot: A Leap Towards Customer Service Excellence

It’s the digital age, or if we call it the age of technology and AI, would be perfectly fine, isn’t it? Our choices are defined by clicks and swipes, and for a business top-class user experience takes the central stage with the technological shift. 

Nobody enjoys switching between multiple apps for a transaction. Whether it’s looking to get a query resolved for your business collecting payments from your clients, and checking the payment status, nothing works better than it does from a unified solution that can address all of these.

B2B businesses today need a solution that serves them and their customers the best in every respect, ensuring they are on the right track towards consistent growth and meeting their desired goals. Sometimes expert assistance may be needed as you transact.

Imagine Having a Chat for Instant Assistance While you Transact

That’s desired. Personal connections matter; there’s a human behind every business tool. As businesses prioritize user-friendly approaches, interactive support is crucial.  

Our experience and research confirm the significance of simplified journeys and user interactions which cannot be overstated. Hence in the spotlight, we announce our AI-based advanced innovation to serve our MSME business clients even better than before- the Chatbot!

You can interact with us seamlessly on WhatsApp and transact with guided steps.

By the Way, Hope you Heard About VICCAS

If you are coming across it for the first time, Viccas is an all-in-one digital solution to address crucial business needs. Now you need to know more. Clarifying here…  

VICCAS (Vayana’s Integrated Cashflow, Credit and Analytical Solution), is a product by Vayana group. It is an all-in-one automation solution to make B2B business processes easy and efficient.  

You can get more control over cash flow as we automate your invoice collections, payouts, reconciliations and more. Additionally, the solution provides seamless compliance with GST e-invoicing and e-way bill requirements.

What sets it apart is the added benefit of timely access to credit, making it a holistic and invaluable solution for every MSME business across the industries. 

But how does it all start? Just connect your ERP and bank account, and you are all set to experience automation.  

Chatbot is the Future of Customer Service 

AI chatbots have the capability to automate mundane tasks, providing customers with highly personalized responses and recommendations, thus significantly enhancing their overall experience.  

However, it lacks human-level reasoning. It learns your needs over time and can bring a positive transition in the customer support system, offering an innovative channel for customers to reach out, distinct from traditional methods such as phone calls, emails, or in-person visits.  

In this way, technology seamlessly merges with empathy, ushering in a new era of customer service.  

VICCAS Chatbot Vivian: Your Digital Ally

VICCAS Chatbot, affectionately known as Vivian, is more than just lines of code, it is your partner.

Vivian is designed to simplify your journey, help you transact easily and ensure effective interactions in human-understandable language with a touch of personalization.

The proactive enhancements keep Vivian at the forefront of technology, ensuring it evolves with the changing needs of businesses and customers.

VICCAS Chatbot Vivian Your Digital Ally

This conversational maestro not only provides instant answers to individual queries but also ensures simplifying important business activities like timely collection of payments from your clients, promoting a healthy cash flow in your business.  

Vivian: A Name Rooted in Growth, Reflecting VICCAS’s Mission to Support MSME Business Development” 

The name Vivian has Latin origins and is derived from the word “vivus,” which translates to “alive” or “living.” This etymology can be connected to the concept of growth, aligning perfectly with the core mission of VICCAS, which revolves around fostering the development of MSME businesses.

In Hindi, ‘Vikas’ translates to ‘growth,’ reinforcing the alignment between the name Vivian and VICCAS’s primary focus on supporting the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises.  

The Key Advantages

  1. Improved Customer Engagement – Vivian transforms customer engagement by offering real-time responses tailored to individual queries, creating memorable and meaningful interactions. Your enhanced user experience with VICCAS translates into you developing a stronger relationship with your clients. You can provide exceptional service by offering them convenient modes of payment.
  2. Efficient Problem Resolution – Vivian efficiently resolves queries and concerns, with quick and accurate responses translated into happy and satisfied customers. It can create customer support requests to contact you and serves as an ideal communication channel between you and our customer support team primarily through email at the moment.
  3. 24/7 Support – Imagine having a helpful assistant available round-the-clock! You can get 24/7 support. Vivian ensures your needs are met anytime, anywhere. Enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty are our top priorities.

 Highlights from our chatbot service 

  1. Keep an eye on the payment status.
  2. Send out collection requests and payment reminders to your clients for timely collections.
  3. Expect assistance related to GST einvoice and e-way bill creations with VICCAS.
  4. Get pricing details.
  5. Know about how to access working capital loans with VICCAS.
  6. And a lot more as you engage in the chatbot.

Who can use VICCAS and its Chatbot? 

Any B2B businesses in any industry. Healthcare providers, FMCG distributors, construction businesses, manufacturers, wholesalers, dealers and any other MSME business can digitize invoices, get rid of manual errors and frauds, avoid delays in payment collections, overcome the nightmare of tedious reconciliation, and a lot more.

These aren’t just cases; they are the impressions of overpowering common SME challenges with the essence of innovation, efficiency, and customer delight. 

Let’s Engage 

The journey doesn’t end here; it begins for you. Embrace the future today. We invite you to share your thoughts, experiences, feedback and questions in the comments section below or write to us at

Feel Free to Test it Yourself

When you are content with the experience, encourage your business network to join VICCAS and experience our top-class customer service with VICCAS Chatbot Vivian for their businesses.

Grow with VICCAS, as we grow with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of businesses that can benefit from using the VICCAS chatbot?

VICCAS chatbot is tailored to assist and benefit a wide range of B2B businesses across various industries. Whether you are a healthcare provider, FMCG distributor, construction company, manufacturer, wholesaler, dealer, or any other MSME business, VICCAS caters to your needs. Its functionalities extend to digitizing invoices, streamlining collections, automating reconciliation, and more. Essentially, any business seeking streamlined and efficient B2B processes can benefit from VICCAS.

What specific challenges can they overcome through its automation and support?

VICCAS offers a comprehensive solution to address common challenges faced by MSMEs. By integrating with existing ERP systems and bank accounts, VICCAS automates tedious tasks such as invoice management, collection tracking, and payment reconciliations, and ensures compliance with GST e-invoicing and e-way bill requirements. Additionally, it provides timely access to credit, empowering businesses to manage their cash flow effectively. Through automation, VICCAS helps eliminate manual errors, reduce payment delays, and simplify the reconciliation process, significantly enhancing operational efficiency.

Can VICCAS Chatbot Vivian provide detailed guidance on the step-by-step integration process with existing ERP systems and bank accounts for seamless automation? 

Absolutely! VICCAS Chatbot Vivian is designed not only to provide instant assistance but also to guide users through the integration process step-by-step. It assists in connecting your ERP system and bank account seamlessly, ensuring a hassle-free automation experience. Vivian utilizes human-understandable language with a touch of personalization, making the integration process easy to comprehend and execute. Through its proactive enhancements, Vivian stays at the forefront of technology, evolving to meet the changing needs of businesses, thus ensuring a smooth and efficient integration process for users.

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