Cash Flow Optimization is Key to Business Success

Cash Flow Optimization: How Technology Can Make a Difference

Cash flow helps businesses measure the amount of cash flowing in and out at a particular period of time. An optimized cash flow always enhances better stability and improvised decision-making.

For instance, small and medium-sized businesses deal with numerous clients and often suffer from long-term or delayed payments. Manual tracking and managing cash flow are exposed to errors and consume more time.

Cash flow optimisation with technology is a turning point. VICCAS, the all-in-one fintech solution, serves to automate and monitor business processes like cash flow, share payment reminders, and create business reports.

What is cash flow optimization? 

Cash flow optimization refers to maintaining a healthy cash flow balance by improvising the amount and speed of cash inflow. Reducing the overhead expenses, inventory costs and managing debts also aid in cash flow optimisation. This allows the business to grow, operate and generate profitability.

What are the challenges faced by MSMEs in the cash flow optimization process?

Even today, MSMEs struggle to collect their payments on time, fail to optimize their cash flow, and have poor access to working capital loans.

  1. Incompetent Business Processes – Manual invoicing follow-up, and managing reconciliation are some of the major concerns.
  2. Inaccurate Cash Flow Forecasting – Manual monitoring of historical cash flow, invoices and transactions is time-consuming, and prone to errors, leading to inaccurate cash flow forecasting.
  3. Poor Access to Credit – Limited access to credit with a lengthy application process hinders businesses in cash flow optimization.

How is Technology Revolutionizing Cash Flow Optimization? 

Technology with massive evolution has brought tremendous changes in various business processes. Cash flow optimisation is one of the most significant areas that has been revolutionized to a wide extent, making businesses function smoothly.

VICCAS offers the best cash flow management solutions ranging from automating and streamlining cash flow, sending payment reminders to clients through various modes, generating business reports to enhancing data security.

  1. Automating and streamlining business processes offering multiple modes of payment collection
    Embracing automation and leveraging smart technologies allows MSMEs to operate, grow, meet obligations and face financial challenges.
    VICCAS enables you to –
    1. Automate invoices, monitor transactions and track cash flow to ensure the availability of enough cash for financial and operational activities. 
    2. Streamline and manage reconciliation and reduce financial risks.
  2. Setting up payment schedules for pending collections reduces errors and maintains accurate information
    To get rid of manual tracking of transactions, businesses opt for automated payment reminders and settle them efficiently. The information is free from errors and stays intact in the cash flow history for reference.
    With VICCAS, small and medium businesses can –
    1. Send automated payment reminders to complete their collections on time.
  3. Shortening the cash conversion cycle by generating invoices, e-invoices and sharing payment links via multiple channels
    By integrating the current ERP with fintech solutions, like VICCAS –
    1. Invoices can be easily generated, and payment links can be shared across multiple channels.
      This inculcates a short cash conversion cycle and saves time.
  4. Robust business reports to help in tracking growth and cash flow forecasting
    Detailed business reports disclose the transactions, progress of payments and health of the business.
    VICCAS helps businesses to generate –
    1. Smart dashboards, digital ledgers and automated reports to help them get access to details in real-time that are free from errors.
      It also helps in future business planning, tracking business growth and cash flow forecasting.
  5. Advanced technology helps businesses assess creditworthiness for faster access to loans from financial institutions and banks
    Small and medium businesses often struggle to get working capital loans to run their day-to-day operations.
    1. VICCAS makes businesses credit-worthy allowing quicker access to loans from financial institutions and banks.

Advantages of cash flow optimization with VICCAS

  1. Digitization of invoice collection and payments.
  2. Automated reminders and reconciliation.
  3. E-invoice and e-way bill generation in compliance with GST.
  4. Comprehensive dashboard and business reports with real-time insights into cash flow and invoices.
  5. Enhanced security with data encryption.
  6. Easy integration of ERP and bank accounts.

Significance of cash flow optimisation

Cash flow optimization ensures that businesses have sufficient cash to carry out their operations with efficiency. It helps businesses identify the areas where cash flow can be improved.

VICCAS can enable you in –

  1. Informed Planning and Decision-making – The position of cash flow in the business is revealed by the smart dashboard and reports major decisions can be embarked upon.
  2. Attaining Secured Financial Stability – Businesses must check upon their financial stability by cash flow monitoring and ensure to have enough cash.
  3. Enhanced Profitability – Cash flow management optimization allows small and medium businesses to check up on their expense reduction enabling them to generate profits in the long run.
Are you still waiting for the right time to join VICCAS?

The best cash flow solutions offered by VICCAS ensure transparency and efficiency to automate business processes and generate smart reports for decision-making.

The platform is user-friendly and protects against fraudulent activities and cyber phishing. The transactions are carried out in real-time, safely and seamlessly.

This will help businesses in cash flow optimization. To know more book demo with our experts, and enhance growth, expansion and profitability.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can cash flow be optimized by automation?

With advanced technologies, VICCAS helps to –  
1. Automate invoices and share payment reminders 
2. Offer ERP and bank account integration 
3. Provide creditworthiness and 
4. Ensure security and profitability with smart business reports which help in cash flow optimization.

Can you automate the cash flow statement for B2B Business?

Yes. B2B businesses can integrate their ERP and bank accounts with suitable fintech solutions to automate cash flow statements. With VICCAS, you may – 
1. Send single/bulk requests for payments and collections 
2. Share payment reminders across various channels 
3. Integrate existing ERP and bank account

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