Why did we use the Ionic 5 hybrid framework in our platform?

In today’s world, every developer prefers ionic building platforms using ionic 5 hybrid app development frameworks because hybrid apps are built using open and free sources and offer better performance with a better user interface. 

Hylobiz being a B2B platform understand the needs of businesses very well and work hard continuously to provide our user with the best platform/app experience along with helping them in scaling up their business game. 

To be intact on our vision of simplifying business processes and automating their collections, payouts, and working capital, we used the best ionic hybrid app framework. So, our users can focus on their business core areas without facing any downtime or difficulty with our platform. 

Today, we will be revealing the secret sauce behind the Hylobiz app interface, stability, and performance. In this blog, our developer Sunil will let us know the reasons for using the Ionic hybrid app framework in our platform:

Introduction to our Hybrid app framework

Developing mobile applications have been made easy and seamless with Ionic. Over the years, Ionic has greatly improved its framework in allowing users to build mobile applications that are platform-independent using their favorite front-end framework. Now with your existing HTML/CSS, Angular, React, or Vue knowledge, you can build cross-platform mobile applications with native features and a beautiful user interface – Sunil says.

What is a hybrid app and what is Ionic 5 Hybrid Framework?

Defining hybrid apps adopts an approach to writing the code once and runs it everywhere to build an app. It leverages different plugins to enable unrestrained access to the features of the mobile device. Web technologies like HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript are the core of these apps while deploying a native container.

Hybrid app Framework
Main Advantages of Hybrid app Framework:
  • Easier To Scale On Another Platform  
  • Only One Codebase To Manage
  • Faster Build Time  
  • Low Cost Of Development  

Ionic framework is an open-source that uses HTML5 for the UI/UX part. It is built on HTML, JS, and CSS, which contain UI elements in different forms to suit specific platforms.

What made you select Ionic?

Ionic Framework is the beautiful, free and open-source framework for developing native-like apps in one codebase. I have been developing apps with Ionic since the end of 2017.  

“I can say that Ionic is a super solid and complete framework, not just to build mobile apps, but also to build desktop and progressive web apps (PWA).”  

  • Ionic offers many predefined components that can be used and reused in many parts to increase interactivity. It provides CLI that will enable us to build applications with the help of a single command with a variety of plugins.  
  • Ionic is considered an easy-to-learn tool: frontend developers can quickly grasp the basics or choose between various web frameworks that Ionic supports.  
  • React native is a bit complex for building web apps with the same code base. Hence Ionic is more helpful in terms of building the web app with the same code base.

How could the Ionic 5 Hybrid Framework bring changes to our app?

Ionic 5 offers a consistent and flawless user experience across iOS, Android & Web apps. It helps in loading content and graphics quickly. The apps adapt to different device screens for quick data display and seamless data streaming. And the excellent Hylobiz’s UI experience improved the chances of the application’s approval at the app store.

How are you ensuring performance and experience in the Hylobiz app?

There are quite a few things that we should adopt while building the app: –

  • Ignoring minor things in the development of the application can lead us to significant setbacks like memory leaks. Memory leaks occur when our application fails to eliminate the resources that are not being used anymore. So, we are ensuring while declaring Global variables and unsubscribing from observables.  
  • One of the best concepts which Angular provides is Lazy loading which will decrease the application load time by a great deal.
  • Avoid computations in template files which will significantly fast-track the UI experience and loading of components with less time.

Ionic is a powerful technology that allows you to create web and modern mobile applications much faster and effortlessly when compared to other native app development methods.   

Ionic offers you a variety of features to develop mobile applications supporting various platforms. It enables the development team to save time, effort, and cost for development. If you have strong Angular and Javascript knowledge, then you will be able to create high-end interactive user-interface applications. There is a small drawback in terms of performance – a native app feels more responsive on older devices but on any recent smartphone the difference is negligible.

Hylobiz is a B2B fintech, helping businesses upscale their business performance by automating their business processes and by improving their business finances by automating their collections and payouts. Our other value-added services, helps you to excel over your peers.

Let’s discuss how you can level up your business game with Hylobiz top features:
  • Easy ERP integration 
  • E-invoicing  
  • Pre-integrated payment gateway
  • Automated AR/AP 
  • Automated payment reminders 
  • Business loans at the lowest interest rates 
  • Real-time dashboard with automated business reports

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