Affiliate Program With Hylobiz – Together we grow!

Do you know what’s the beauty of the Affiliate Program with Hylobiz? You tend to evaluate, analyze, buy and use the products that have been tested by people like you. There is no marketing tactic better than “word of mouth” and an affiliate partner program is the base of this technique. You signup for a product, use it, and spread the news. If your friends believe you and buy from you, you earn some commission, so earning for believing!

At Hylobiz we believe a business can only grow if we aim to collaborate, and recently we launched our Affiliate Partner Program to work in partnership and this post would detail the same.

What is Affiliate Program with Hylobiz?

Affiliate Program with Hylobiz helps people with an ambition of entrepreneurship to launch their own financial technology business under the umbrella of Hylobiz. If you have a network of businesses that are ready to reap the benefits of Hylobiz then you can not only get them activated on Hylobiz but also earn along with their digital journey.

Some of the key benefits of the Hylobiz Affiliate Program are –

Hylobiz Affiliate Program Benefits

What is Hylobiz?

Hylobiz is an SME-centric Fintech company with active operations in India (HQ), UAE, and Bahrain. With a focus on digitizing Receivables and Payable transactions combined with smart stock house management & faster access to credit line needs.

Hylobiz offers Affiliate Program with Hylobiz targeted services for freelancers, micro-businesses, SMEs, and big enterprises. The founding team developed Hylobiz with a vision of easing SME pain by offering digital payments, reducing the manual overhead of chasing customers for payments, and spending time between ERP & Bank statements reconciling books.

How Hylobiz Affiliate Program Works?

You can Signup as Affiliate from our website here.

This is the first step of your Affiliate Partner program, so make sure not to miss it. Sign up now.

As soon as we get a request, our team would touch base with you and a portfolio is created for you with a Unique Affiliate Identification Number (UAI) that tracks your business growth. The program lifecycle is distributed into 3 levels. You start as Rookie and reach to Expert basis on three Key Performance Indicators (KPI) –

Number of Active Transacting Customer** under your portfolio Number of Digital Transactions done by the Customers under your portfolio   Monthly SAAS as paid by the Customers under your portfolio  

** The definition of Active Transacting Customer means that a Customer must be doing a minimum of 50 digital transactions in each month OR an aggregated monthly transaction value of minimum threshold***.

Note: This commission structure is on the published Hylobiz rates only. *** INR 400,000 | USD 5,000

How does your revenue multiplies Affiliate Program with Hylobiz?

As a Hylobiz Affiliate Partner, you start in August 2020 with ZERO capital.

Assuming,  you have onboarded 50 businesses and the SaaS fees collected is 300 monthly revenue, so by,

By the end of four months The amount is X, so for the above case it comes to be 1500 per month
By the end of eight months The amount would be 6X, for the above case it comes to be 9000 per month
By the end of twelve months The amount would be 12X, for the above case it comes to be 18000 per month

So in a year with zero capital you can gain up to 12x and that’s just the initial kickstart, once you onboard more businesses, you can earn even more.

A lot has been spoken, and now it’s time for some action, so Sign up now as Affiliate and grow your earnings.

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