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Collecting the outstanding payments for bills is a major concern and keeps me awake in nights…”,

he spoke while he sipped a glass of water. A business owner located in Bangalore appeared stressed and worried when he spoke to our sales team back in December 2019. He signed up with Hylobiz the following month, in January 2020.

Recently a month back the same person rang up voluntarily to the sales contact and said,

Hey. I am glad that today I have something good to share with you. My business has seen a good growth in the last two quarters and probably this would not have been possible without Hylobiz. We collect payments on time digitally and have a continuous flow of fund to the business.

Called to thank you…

Hylobiz team was overjoyed to know this. It keeps us motivated to innovate and upgrade our product when we get to know many such businesses are seeing a growth after they registered on the Hylobiz digital platform. We are proud to share that our one stop automated solution has brought in positive changes in the B2B marketplace and is continuously working towards matching up the requirements of business owners, accountants and sales and marketing professionals across industries.

You may sign up to try the 30-90 days trial to experience yourself the features offered by the connected banking platform. The best in market monthly, quarterly, and annual plans should support your business budget.

The distribution of digital ledgers on the platform help record, manage, and track financial data accurately. The Hylobiz platform is integrated with ERP partners like Tally, ZOHO and quickbooks and is partnered with multiple banks (HDFC, Kotak, ICICI, Yes Bank) helping accountants and bookkeepers in automatic reconciliation. You can fetch real time update of payables and receivables.

dashboard mobile app
Figure 1 : Dashboard

Through our web and mobile app, you can:

  • Create upload and send branded invoices through WhatsApp, SMS, and Email
  • Collect payments faster, safely, and digitally
Figure 2: Receivables
  • Get reminded of your dues through the automated reminders
  • The Hylobiz sellers can attach a digital payment link of invoices
Share Link Hylobiz App
Figure 3: Attach Payment Link
  • Pay out digitally singly or in bulk
Figure 4: Payables
  • Get automated reconciliations and quick settlements
  • Communicate better with customers and vendors
  • Fetch reports anytime and from anywhere
  • Check business health score
receivables mobile app_business_health
Figure 5: Business Health

The automated reminders, accurate track of receivables, invoice creation and management, payment links, auto reconciliations and quick settlements can help you getting paid faster both online and offline through cash/ cheque.

Here we list the top five posts that you may go through to understand the Hylobiz system in depth and to get a clear idea as to how Hylobiz supports businesses to get paid faster.

  1. How Hylobiz is helping thousands of businesses stay relevant in their game?
  2. Three ways businesses can improve their cash flow with Hylobiz
  3. Top few ways businesses can speed up payment collections with Hylobiz
  4. Six tips for SMEs to get paid on time
  5. Five ways to simplify Accounting for your small business

The accounts department need no longer spend long hours for journals, ledgers, and balance sheets. You can analyse risk, take informed decisions anytime and from anywhere, get bills paid on time and pay out safely and seamlessly.

Speedy payment collections digitally can enable a continuous flow of fund improving working capital and help make long term plans. The digital certificates and data encryptions make payment collections more secured.  

You can deal with customers and suppliers more professionally, get paid on time and the business efficiency grows. The Hylobiz system will give you all round assistance to grow your business and earn better revenue.

You may connect with us on email: support@hylo.biz

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